Levius, from latin word Lightness, is a footwear brand born in Venice, the only city where walking is the natural and fundamental way of moving around.

All the styles are designed following technical sportswear’s knowledge to make them light and comfortable.
All the shoes have been developed to be perfectly worn in an urban environment for an everyday use.
One of the most distinctive detail of the shoe is the lycra and nylon inner heel that assure the best fitting. The logo its self is a water drop, a clear reference to the city and its water, timeless but contemporary, bonding tradition and innovation. Levius uses italian material to produce its shoes, chosen wisely to last and keep the shoe light and cozy. The soles are made by EVA with an inner lift and the cow leather used is natural tanned and waxed to make it more resistant.

Levius collection is designed for the city, for everyone and for an everyday use. Materials and details come from the sneakers world but we like to keep the look and colors from a more traditional and classic footwear idea.

The production is followed by a footwear industry located in the venetian mainland.
They started in the 60’ like a small industry run by family.
Prepared artisans perfectly attend the entire process thanks to a strong know-how given by years of passion and experience. Here is where they cut the leather, sew the upper and assemble the sole.