All the tricks and suggestions to make the most of your Levius, preserve their beauty and integrity for longer.


Our shoes do not follow the normal care of the sneakers, the leathers are different and the natural fat part is kept this to guarantee flexibility and impermeability. In case of prolonged use it could dry up, we have foreseen the reintegration with the natural fat of our production, the colors take advantage of it and the softness and impermeability are restored.

skin maintenance product

* Only in the white color was used a non-greased leather, as a naturally unrepeatable color, for the care in this case the common products for sneakers can be used.


The flat knot is one of the most common and simple junction knots, the same used for mooring boats in the lagoon. We recommend using it with leather laces.

To tie a flat knot:
1 - weave the ends of the laces as for a normal knot
2 - weave the ends again in a specular way (e.g. if the left lace was first passed in front, this time it passed through the back)
3- the flat knot is correct if symmetrical