All our tricks and tips for keeping your Levius shoes in top condition and to preserve their beauty and integrity for long-lasting wear.


Our shoes do not follow the normal care of sneakers. In cases of prolonged use, regular leather has a tendency to dry out. The leather we use on our shoes is specially treated to maintain its softness, flexibility and water impermeability.

* Our white leather is treated somewhat differently, as it’s a naturally unique color.


The flat knot is one of the most common and simple knots; it’s the same used for mooring boats in the lagoon. We recommend using it with leather laces.

How to make a flat knot:
1 – braid the ends of the laces like you would for a normal knot
2 – braid the ends again in a mirror way (ex. if the left lace was passed forward the first time, the next time pass it to the back)
3- the flat knot is correct if symmetrical