Levius in its production uses rigorously italian materials: they have been carefully chosen to last and to give lightness to the shoe.
Soles are made in EVA with a raised back part, leathers are vegetable tanned and waxed to be durable.
The production is relied on a shoe factory in the venetian hinterland that starts his history in the sixties as a small family business. Our expert artisans hands follow the hole production process thanks to their solid know-how, developed with passion and years of expertise. Here’s where our models leathers are cut, the vamp is sewn and the soles are set up.

Nappa is a very soft and smooth leather not covered by treatments with films or coatings.
Its surface has the characteristic natural texture of leather with a slightly glossy look. The nappa leather we use is bovine and comes from Veneto.

Waxed Bovine Leathers come from tanneries in Veneto or center of Italy. They are vegetable-tanned and the wax coating gives them waterproof properties. Matte finishing.

Suede is a bovine skin – which is deprived of the most precious and superficial part (the flower), then tanned, tinted and worked with meat-grinder. Thanks to this last step, the suede acquires a visual and tactile appearance that resembles the velvet.

From this season all the Levius shoes will have EVA (Ethyl vinyl acetate) soles and EVA base of the insoles, commonly used for running shoes.
This material stands out for: lightness, resistance to deterioration over time, weather-resistance, UV resistance, antistatic properties, color fastness, waterproof properties and high resistance to oils and to many solvents, high resistance to use thanks to the combination of flexibility with high stress-crack resistance, excellent properties of vibration and shock dumping, high resistance to bacteria with the closed cells structure and for its eco-friendly properties.

Lycra is an elastomeric fiber with unique properties of elongation and recovery of the original shape. Levius uses it as an internal technical detail thought to act as a buffer between the foot and the upper. This detail has become the distinguishing feature of Levius and it is now in all models.