Marco Dalla Torre and Levius footwear Venice

Marco Dalla Torre and Levius footwear Venice

Hello Marco. Would you tell us how it is to you  come to mind to create Levius?

Levius's idea comes from living everyday life by walking to move, the right shoe is an important choice in a city like Venice.

My love for sneakers gave rise to the thought of making shoes that reflected my tastes and this type of needs.

Friends in one of the areas where many work in the footwear district gave life to the first designs with a less gymnastic physiognomy and details close to my way of dressing.

What are the main ideas of the Levius project?

Levius is based on existing local figures, young designers (in the photo I am with Alessio Nocera, friend and designer, author of the Altana model), pattern makers, trainers, shoe technicians in general ... the Venetian hinterland is a huge resource of figures and companies manufacturers of footwear and materials for their construction.

After a bit of "gymnasium" there were the first prototypes, an apparently simple product came out but particularly appreciated for its comfort, a lot of technical content with an artisan aspect.

Can you explain to us the reason for these leading ideas?

Reducing distances is part of my idea of respecting the environment and having a product with the European taste of Venetian manufacture and a price far from the luxury good was the other goal.

Levius has little evident logos, it is appreciated with use.

They are well-built shoes and perfected from season to season, made to last but also light and comfortable, with a low environmental impact,  respecting those who work and who will use them, details that are not common in the current market.

I think there is a need for greater awareness of what we consume, the origin and the healthiness of the materials, Italy is one of the countries notoriously respectful of health and labor protection regulations.




Besides Levius, what passions do you have?

Nature, here is the lagoon, I like to get lost in the sandbanks, even in winter, with some friends or alone and possibly rowing. A short distance away is the touristy and crowded Venice and the contrast with these peaces recharges you even if only for a couple of hours.

And then there is the music present in whatever I do, I also enjoy doing it, an old passion that I share with friends, certain electronic sounds combine perfectly with the spaces of the lagoon, it is the ideal place to appreciate them, they mix with the sound of water, the sounds of animals and everything blends perfectly.

Thanks Marco, this was a pleasure  chat with you

thanks to you!

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